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Choosing Modern Style Picture Frames

modern style picture frames

Picture frames can be used for two purposes: displaying pictures and also as decorative elements that enhance the look of your decor. When choosing a frame style, consider the color, texture, size and other details that add interest to your overall design.

If you are looking for a modern look, choose sleek and glamorous designs that highlight the images within them. Picture frames can be decorated with elegant metallic colors or even brushed with silver. They also come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles to fit your personal taste.

For a rustic look, consider using natural wood picture frames that are either stained or unfinished. This type of wood is easy to stain or paint to suit your style and matches a wide range of décor. It will work well with both black and white photos and those in sepia tones, as well as nature photographs and landscape art.

Another way to make your picture frames stand out is to use them with a neutral color that is a good contrast to the picture itself. This is a great option for family photographs, wedding photos or any other portraits that need to be displayed on your wall. It works particularly well with photos that have a lot of dark or light areas in them.

There are several DIY options for making picture frames that you can customize to fit your specific tastes and budget. For example, you can make your own reclaimed wooden frames by turning old shutters and molding into a stylish display for family photos. This is a simple and inexpensive project that you can easily complete yourself.

You can also create your own modern frame using recycled materials such as paper, cardboard or scrap wood. This is a fun and easy project that can be completed in just a few hours and will give you unique, custom-made frames for your photos or artwork. For a more elegant look, you can even create a stacked frame display with different sizes and styles of wooden picture frames.

If you have a large wall space, you can try using oversized picture frames to make them really stand out. This is a great way to show off your favorite memories and will draw the eye of anyone who visits your home. For example, you can use this style for graduation photos or pictures of your children at play.

Many artists incorporate picture frames into their own pieces of art. They can be part of a sculpture, ceramics piece or assemblage. Some artists use frames to literally reshape boundaries between painting and sculpture, or between art and life. For instance, Post-Impressionist artist Henri Matisse sometimes included Renaissance frames in his paintings. Others, such as the Bauhaus artist Josef Albers, have explored how frame color influences the appearance of a picture. This theory, known as the Interaction of Color, suggests that a picture is not truly seen until it has been framed in a complementary color.