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A Tin Can Pendant Lamp Brings Rustic Industrial Style Into Your Home

tin can pendant lamp

A pendant lamp can add a focal point to any room, especially if it’s made from a unique material. Metal fixtures can give rooms a contemporary feel, while glass ones add a sense of sophistication. But many pendant lamps are crafted from other materials, too, including recycled materials like tin cans. These tin can pendant lamps are great for reusing what would otherwise be trash and they make fun, eye-catching home decorations that brighten up living spaces.

Most of these tin can pendant lamps require little or no electrical knowledge to make, but it’s important to be careful when drilling a hole through the bottom of the can so that the cord doesn’t get cut. To prevent this, you should use a drill bit that is just a little bit larger than the diameter of the wire in the light kit. You also need to install a bushing, which is an inexpensive plastic piece that helps keep the cord from rubbing against the can’s sharp edges.

These tin can pendant lights are an easy way to bring rustic or industrial style into any room. They can be used over a dining table, in an entryway, or even in a bedroom. They also make an excellent gift for friends and family who are starting out in a new house or business.

Smart lighting goes luxe with this versatile statement fixture, although its smart-home connectivity options are somewhat limited. The device is designed in two pieces: the wiring and some electronics are housed in a base unit that is directly mounted to the ceiling, and the pendant itself dangles from this unit. The backplate can be hardwired to an existing outlet, but the pendant requires a plug-in power cord that needs to be purchased separately. This model comes with a brown 8-foot power cord and takes a standard 60W bulb (not included).

For a modern take on the classic industrial look, this pendant features an eye-catching woven shade that’s reminiscent of baskets. It’s a great option for homes with neutral decor because the natural materials bring in plenty of visual interest without overwhelming the space. This fixture is easy to install, too, since it doesn’t need to be hardwired into the ceiling and simply plugs in to a nearby outlet.

This tin can pendant lamp is made from a set of hand-hammered copper cans. The cans are painted in a variety of colors, and their simple design allows the color and shape of the tin to shine through. The result is a pendant that blends well with traditional, farmhouse, and rustic decor. It’s a more affordable option than similar fixtures that feature mouth-blown glass shades and can be used in rooms of any size.

This tin pendant lamp is a great option for those who are looking to update their kitchens. It’s very easy to hang and can be hung on sloped or vaulted ceilings. It comes with swag hooks and can be used with a dimmer switch, which makes it a good choice for those who live in older homes that don’t have overhead lighting.