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How to Use the Gift Message Feature on Instagram

A gift message is a fun way to say “thank you” and show your appreciation to the people in your life. These messages can be sent in a variety of ways, but you’ll need to know a few simple steps before you send one.

First, open Instagram on your mobile device or laptop and go to the DM section of the app. Then, select the person you want to send a gift message to and type in your text. If you want to add a special effect, like a gift box or a gift wrap, scroll down to the effects options and select them.

Once you’re done, tap on the gift icon in the top right-hand corner of the text box. This will automatically send your message, and the recipient will see a gift box icon on their screen as soon as they view the message.

If you want to remove a message from the gift box, long-press on the box and choose “Remove” in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. When the message is gone, you’ll receive a notification that the message has been removed from the chat.

A thank you for an unexpected birthday present is a lovely way to express your gratitude and let the person know how much they mean to you. You can also use this type of message to thank someone for a job well done, a successful trip, or another accomplishment in your life.

The best part of a thank you for a gift is that it’s an opportunity to share your feelings with the person you’re thanking, which can be an important step in building a stronger relationship. So, be sure to make this a genuine expression of your love and gratitude!

Using the gift message feature on Instagram is easy and makes it even more fun to talk to your friends. It’s a great way to greet them on their birthdays, anniversary, or other occasions, and it’s also a great way to liven up regular conversations with a little surprise.

You can also use a gift message when you are feeling down or simply want to make your friend happy! You can create a custom gift message with a photo or video of your friend and add a personalized message. This will add a touch of personalization to your message and help it stand out from other messages on the platform.

When you’re ready to send a gift message, the only thing you need to do is tap on the gift icon in the text box and type your message. If you want to add a special message to the gift message, scroll down to the effects options and select ones that match your message.

Once you’re ready to send a message, you can use the gift box option in the message box and send it to your friends or relatives. The gift box will automatically open and display the content of your message when they tap it.